I am often asked by you, my customers, "just what else can you do here"?

I have put together a list of our services that should give you a better understanding of

what we can do. And in return help you in providing more information for your




Crash Imprinting

From Hot Metal (in house) of various sizes and styles of type. Or from your digital file, clean black & white copy, or film negative we can also have an engraving plate made to print from.





Crash Numbering

In any color ink (our standard black and

red have no wash up charges). Skip numbering is also available on our "Standard Machines" from 2 digits to 6 digits. Various size numbering ranging from our "Mini Machine" with 1/8 inch character height, to the "Standard Machine" with 5/32 inch character height. Larger models on hand are 3/16 inch and our Jumbo which is 7/32 inch character height.

Channel Scoring
To eliminate most cracking issues that can result from color copying, or various types of paper with wrong or "bad" grain.



Die Cutting

We can have most any die made from our die supplier., or pick from the many standard "house dies" ranging from circles, squares, rolodex cards, and bank tabs.


Kiss Cutting

With a straight cutting rule to make up various size labels on a sheet. You can use any of our standard in house dies or have a custom shape made to order.



With various teeth to meet whatever needs you may have. Sizes ranging from Micro/laser to 4,6,8,10 or 18 cuts per inch.






Round Cornering

We are now capable of round cornering large quantities of work with four sizes of radius to pick from, 1/8- 1/4 - 3/8-and 1/2 inch.




with our 3 head unit and various size drills.



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Blind Embossing

Blind Embossing